Manage your freelance workforce like a social network.

Drive Down Your Costs

Reduce fees from staffing firms and other third party vendors. Greatly improve compliance and risk management. Recruit more efficiently—tap into Virtual Buddy vast talent pool or develop a custom program.

Manage 10x More Effectively

Communicate, collaborate and share with 10 or 10,000 freelancers, instantly. Pay based on your preference. Choose to pay hourly, ad-hoc, via SOW or bonus. Then automate. Measure and manage productivity, performance and cost with powerful reporting.

Keep Your Team Happy

Pay your freelancers faster(even instantaneously) once work is approved. Provide more flexible payment withdrawal options anywhere in the world in over 90 currencies. Eliminate stress over getting paid. Enable freelancers to self-manage billings and earnings.

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Over 114,638 jobs available by category.

What's Possible with your Virtual Buddy Private Talent Cloud?

Jill Van De Ven

"Mozilla taps into the talents of global contractors. VIrtual Buddy makes it easier to manage and pay these people who we rely on daily."

Joe Meyer

"Virtual Buddy enabled HopStop to scale our team cost-effectively. We hired our first engineer on Elance and still work with him today."

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